Friday, January 2, 2009

EXIT Stage Left: Episode 3 (The Table Read - Part 2)

Welcome to the third episode of EXIT Stage Left - The Web Series.

New episodes
on the 10th & 25th of each month).

EXIT Stage Left
is the story of The Lowry Theater Company and their attempt to stage a new play from an accomplished novelist turned first-time playwright and the seasoned director who returns to NYC to keep the production on track. A show within a show, a play told within the confines of a web series, and a chance to see what happens before the curtain goes up.

The Table Read tells the story of the first day that the actors (along with Ronny Simons, the director) get to read the entire play aloud. Told in three Acts, Act II opens with a dire warning of things to come, introduces Sheila, Roger and Violet, actors taking on the challenge of A Wonderful World, plus it reveals Tim Haggard's unique perspective on how to make the show work.

Will Jill keep the documentary filmmaker from opening all the closets? Will Tim drive all the actors nuts, before they have even read the play? Will Terry explain the method to her madness, find out, on this episode of EXIT Stage Left.

Starring (In Alphabetical Order)

Rheem Abuhamdeh

Matthew A Bridges

Steve Budd

Giovannie Espiritu

Terri J Freedman

Annamarie Macleod

Michael Navarra

Also Starring

Deborah Joves

Katie Kimball

Nicholas LoCicero

Ilea Matthews

Series Created by
Sinohui Hinojosa

Director of Photography
Thomas A Koch

Camera Crew
Thaddeus Setla
Joel H Hinojosa
Sinohui Hinojosa

Mark Whelan

Production Support
Cortney Hamilton
David Hoekenga
Deb Tullmann

Production Assistants
Geoff Kmitt
Roxanne M Lee

Craft Services
Karen M Hinojosa

Set Photographer
Amy Puzia

Make Up/Stylist
Danae Swanagon

Editor & Original Score
Joel H Hinojosa

Written by
Sinohui Hinojosa
David Hoekenga

Bernard Fok
Thomas A Koch

Executive Producer, Series Director
Sinohui Hinojosa

The Producers wish to thank, Stagewerx (San Francisco) for standing in for the Lowry Theater Company, Cinevolve Studios for their support and the cast and crew of EXIT Stage Left.

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